Who am i?


Hello everyone… and welcome to my new and shy blog!

In this game that I play now from 3 years, at the moment, I play a holy/discipline priest and a holy/protection paladin. My main char is Bati and probably she will be my main theme here but… never know what I will come across with my paladin, Milrenia.

In reality I am a married woman of 26 years old and I am working as a graphical designer for a drug company.  My free time is very limited outside work since I still have to do the usual house jobs but I find the time to play in a end game guild, Barbarians on Kilrogg – EU. Immersion (Auchindoun)

Why I did a blog?

Well.. at my job sometimes I have a lot, and I really mean a lot of free time, so I thought I can slowly update like this my English and, why not… to talk about the things that I find in this game every day and of course about Addons.

I guess I didn’t have time to mention that I do love to play with my UI and even share it.

This page will probably get some updates in time so at the moment please accept my short introduction.


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