Questions about Bati’s UI

1. Experience bar

Use the Minimap Button to make Dominos bars editable: that means right click on it. The experience bar is under action bar 1; use mouse middle click to make it visible or to hide it.

Also, now you can move and position it where ever you want.

2. How I find calendar?

You can access Calendar via  Chinchilla.

2.2 Right click on Minimap and the menu for Chinchilla will show up. Go to Show/hide and check Calendar. Now it will show on your minimap and you can access it from there.

3. I don’t want auto decline duels/accept invites/repair

The add-on that does this is aSettings. Go to WoW/Interface/Addons/aSettings and opn the .lua file (with F4 if you don’t have another option like… always open with… Notepad).

Delete any of the lines you don’t want there:

  • local AutoRepair = true
  • local SellGreyCrap = true
  • local DeclineDuels = true
  • local AcceptInvites = true
  • local NoErrors = true

Save the changes and log in game.

Another very nice feature is the smart mount function. How to use it?

— Create a macro: /run Mountz(groundmount, flyingmount), replacing groundmount and flyingmount with names of mounts you want.

— Example:

/run Mountz(“Amani War Bear”, “Plagued Proto-Drake”)

— Warning! If you have locale other than enGB, enUS or ruRU then you need to edit location names, check code below.

My macro looks like this:

#showtooltip [noflyable] Black War Wolf; Ironbound Proto-Drake
/run Mountz(“Black War Wolf”, “Ironbound Proto-Drake”)

This will allow you to use one macro for mounts and having it key binded is the easiest way and save space. I use Up arrow for that macro, left arrow for the bike and right arrow for the turtle. All 3 are on a hidden bar. (check Dominos)

4. How do I make player frames to always show?


Now you have the options window open. Go to Global and :Uncheck Enable target/combat Opacity then set the frame opacity to 1.

If you want out of range opacity to be lower set it to 50% or so.

5. How do I make the player/targer frame to use the class color?

type /stuf
and do what you see in this picture for player/target/focus/target of target , or all that you want showed in class color.

6. How do I move this bar? – question from Tiuu

At the screenshot (mad paint skills), I’ve just cut some of the addon so u can see w/o bars whow it looks. I think they are mostly useless when you’re having a Cooldown bar, and if you have to click, you have the retract-a-bar thats hiden in the side. Also grid can be abit more central. I tried it earlier today and you just have a better eye-to-everything sight. Oh. And the addon for the cooldowns … what is it. I have several UIs with it, and I just can’t find it.

i. That cool down bar is from ora2. First… you need to be in a raid so you have the possibility to move things. Right click on the minimap icon from MMB and you will see a menu. Enable, unlock, move the bars from there.

ii. Grid is not locked and you can position it more to the middle. I have left that side of screen free considering this. Even I use it sometimes… but only in a specific fight when I know I won’t move at all. Middle grid is requesting to much tunnel vision and I try to avoid that.

iii. The cooldown bar is Sexycooldown.

7. How I mahe PoM tracker to look like yours?

Take the folder Tooltips from my Interface and put it in same place in your WoW directory.

8. The borders used in the panels are not appearing!

This is because you updated Shared Media and/or did something wrong.  They will appear as long you don’t change that file. Idea is to delete Shared Media from wow/interface/addons and put there the one i have in the pack. Log in and it should work.

9. Hey Bati, I have a Grid question. Love the way you have Grid set up except for one option that was easy to turn on with my old grid that doesnt seem to work with your package. I used the side icons just like you do for Beacon of Light and Sacred shield but on mine the icons used to fade out in a clockwise motion to show the duration of the buff. I used to use the option Auras>Buff:Beacon of Light/Buff:Sacred Shield>Show Duration. However when I select this option in your Grid setup it will not fade the icons out. Any suggestions?

ok, can help you here but you will need to change where the beacon and sacred shield is positioned. Now i am on priest and with the que there is on Al’akir, I won’t risk loging paladin, but…
/grid config
search first where the beacon and sacred shield is positioned and uncheck it. (might be corner icons)
You will need to put them on the side icons. After you did that go to Frame->Advaned-> Icon (Sides) and check: Enable Icon cooldown frame. Ofc you will need to have checkd what you already said Auras>Buff:Beacon of Light/Buff:Sacred Shield>Show Duration.
I just test it on my power word: shield and it works.
Hope it helps.

This is just a start of a recap with all the questions people have, so I will update it in the nearest future, when I will have more questions.


44 comments on “Questions about Bati’s UI

  1. Hey Bati:
    Love your UI 🙂
    first, could you please upload the file in .zip? i use mac and for some reason it won’t unzip .rar

  2. hey, was wondering with the stuf debuff tracker, it shows debuffs like the ones at lady deathwhisper and at festergut. But, I had some issues at Saurfang at ICC, it never shows the rune debuff, and neither on the mini bosses like precious and stinky.

    so what’s up?

    happy for any answer.

    (I’ve changed sum addons of the package, but nothing related to stuf, only stuff I’ve changed was DBM from DXE and small stuff .)

  3. at saurfang its “Mark of the fallen champion”
    and at stinky and precious “Mortal Wound”
    Im unsure about more encounters atm.

    and also, debuffs of a deathknight etc, “Frost fever” shows, but if someone only apply Plague strike “Blood plague” does not show

  4. Why would you need mark of the fallen champion. that is for tanks only. The idea was to see fast boss debuff on a tank so you can taunt. I agree that i missed Mortal wound but is a dbm/dxe that takes care of it.
    About the frost fever I think thats the name of debuff you get at Taravon… or I just put it there wrong. That will need to check.

  5. Well, I’m a tank so.

    If you could make the Mark of the fallen champion show It would be great, otherwise I need to look at my text chat for DBM to see it.

    Unsure if Mortal Wound actually shows at DBM, would be great if that could get fix’d aswell mate.

    Btw, ment the debuff “Blood Plague” of Dk’s

  6. as a tank you dont need to know mark of the fallen champion… and rune of blood it’s added to sbf frame.

  7. Im terribly sorry, too bad I can’t edit that, mixed it up with rune of blood, Anyhow…

    So, the rune of blood is now showing?

  8. Hey Bati: downloaded your latest update, what is the new addon you are using for bags and bank? you were using onebag/onebank in bati3, i can’t seem to figure it out this time, and i am having trouble buying new bank slots on my alt >.< help~

  9. yes, seems you have right. unless you want to install a new bag mod… just disable it, buy the slots and then put it back. Doesn’t have that implemented for some weird reason, or.. . i am noob and i couldn’t find it.

  10. yea i disabled it and bought the slots. thanks for that 🙂 love your UI as always, you are just amazing!

  11. you need to give me more infos than that if you want help. I want a screen shot first and pls tell me if you fallowed the steps to install it.

  12. Just a warning guys, since the newest Cellular update, it crashes my WoW everytime i relog or log out. If you are experience any kind of crash, turn off Cellular. Sigh i do miss Cellular though 😦 such a good addon.

  13. did you updated?
    I do have some personal problems now and untill i fix them i wont put the Ui up bc i just dont have time and I wish I could do that at work… where I actually have free time, but y..
    Anyway, i did update cellular and I don’t crash at all… not sure if is that.

  14. Yeah i updated it. and since the update it crashes everytime i relog -.- i’ve deleted cellular now and it’s fine. oh wells 🙂

  15. the Ui is updated as well… crashes are a combination of sbf/recount i recon but if it’s working for you then i am happy. off to sleep. nn 🙂

  16. downloaded your newest UI, love the pink theme 🙂 in your last update, blizard combat numbers are all in gold colour, but this time when i turn it on it’s all in thick green. Any idea where i can change that? sorry for being such a pain with all the random questions 🙂

  17. i didn’t change nothing for blizzard combat text from last version so I don’t really get your question.

  18. Wondering after reading installation notes on Wowinterface… says you have to type the character name in WTF folder for character you want to use it with. Can you only use one character? Or does it work for all characters?

  19. Hey!
    I really enjoy your UI! Awesome!
    I just have 2 two questions (i’m sorry if they’ve already been asked…)
    I have update at the 4.0.1 and I would like to know if it was normal that I could not inspect other players.
    Second question was, I could I fix the fact that I cannot remove a buff by right clicking on it?
    Tanks in advance for your answers 🙂

  20. hello.
    First… you cant inspect other players now… blame blizzard (some bug or w/e)
    second… you cant click of your buffs… blame blizzard again. The only thing you can do is to play with blizzard interface….

  21. Hey Bati. Like everyone else I love your UI, but I have a question about it. What is the texture replacement pack that goes into the World of Warcraft/Interface folder? The one that replaces the character sheet, spellbook and all the trade/guild/LFD/etc panels? Since it doesn’t go in the AddOn folder, the screenshot on WowI doesn’t really help 🙂

  22. hey man, if i right click on my character frame, i can leave party etc etc… what i can do to fix it ?

  23. well, you do have addons tweaked for all the debuffs&buffs, like the ToT debuffs i.e.
    just wondered how I can get the addon just for the debuffs&buffs like in the package, but without the rest of the UI.

  24. I’ve been trying to figure out how to work all of this .lua stuff and am failing miserably at it, so I decided to attempt to find all these addons separately. Your UI seems to have everything I want, but I can’t figure out what each addon is even after looking at your list. ):

    Right this second I’m searching for a similar addon to what you’re using to show the time, fps, mail, gold, etc. I’ve tried to play with a few mods that have the information on it, but none of them have allowed me to resize the width without changing the whole scale, but can’t seem to find the perfect one.

  25. Oh! Nevermind, I must’ve had a complete brainfart. I’ve used these addons before, I just totally forgot what category they would be placed in and didn’t even check the right places.

  26. glad you figured out. For the moment i am completely out and barely play (like 1h every 3 days….. /shot in the head) do to my real life.

  27. Is there anyway to make the font size bigger? I have a smaller resolution size so that’s probably why it looks so small…but I’d love to be able to increase the font to compensate >.<

  28. what font first of all?… bc on Ui now is a pixel font witch ofc is small. you can choose another font.

  29. Nope, you did something wrong… like you renamed files wrong… witch I thing is the problem.
    The set up for unit frames will always appear like in screen shots if everything is done correctly.

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