9 comments on “Bati’s UI – Grid layout

  1. aha! we both have same template now, its clean! i loved this template, simple but very neat. I just added a few banner here and there.. and about the grid layout I will check that out, since cataclysm I had been using Vuhdo and I got used to it now. Also I mentioned your blog post about the guild that got hacked in my recent post. Take care hon =D

  2. y, I always struggle with templates. Some are very weird or doesn’t have what I want from them.

  3. oh question speaking about templates, the only trouble I can’t find is how to do the Menu bar on top, how did you do a drop down menu with your “resources” in it?

  4. Easy. My top menu is from “pages”. When you do a new one that you want it do be in a drop down menu just specify the parent page (like for me is screen shot there). I actually forgot what I had there…. easy to notice how inactive I have been.

  5. Nice 🙂 I will check later and will poke you with some question about how to do dif things… 😛 maybe ask for a banner

  6. Heya Bati, its Christine just thought to let you know that I was frustrated with the errors im getting over at Christine’s Blog, so I decided to create a new site and this new site will be more focus about my priest Amerence and just general reviews about priest class. so hope you update your blogroll for me, and please come and visit my new site over at http://amerencelovewow.blogspot.com Thanks hon! ❤

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