3 comments on “Circle of Healers – Cataclysm edition

  1. Hmm, a come back healing meme… I miss Jessica/Miss Medicina wonder how shes doing, thanks for bringing this back, I don’t mind revisiting and updating my answers for Cataclysm edition. but since I am playing shadow priest more than healing now since cataclysm has released, ill try my best to answer the questions lolx. Anyway, take care hon.

  2. wow, you are shadow!… you left the light eh?:P
    Actually I did play shadow at the start of this expansion but… wasn’t really my thing and I love to much healing anyway.

  3. They say great minds think alike … or that fools never differ! I had the same idea a few weeks back! I promise you I came up with it all on my own. Nevertheless, I hope you don’t mind but I have added you to the list I have been keeping of all the responses to the 2.0 Circle.

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