6 comments on “25 lv guild just got disbanded by hacker

  1. If you’re keylogged – a master password won’t do anything. Rift’s coin system seems to be the best alternaitve I’ve seen yet – as soon as your account is accessed from a different IP it’s locked. Blizzard only does this now if they see suspicious activity.

  2. Damn! that sucks on the guild that was level 24 and got disbanded by a hacker! so sad… but yes I do agree with the suggestions she made.. I hope these changes will take place. all the hard work the guild since it was created just vanished and that is really unfair when someone just ruined everything. so sad =( i feel sorry for the members of Pact of Shadow guild.. hope at least the achievement and guild level will be restored, but I doubt Blizzard will take actions anytime soon =(.

  3. I doubt too… but I remember when casuals were asking for a chance to see the content (not like what happen in SW when only 1-2% of base players clear it before all the nerfs) so… I don’t know, maybe if it will happen a few more times Blizzard will realize that they do need to protect the guild lvl now.

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