2 comments on “Holy priest… and me

  1. Thanks for this! Wondering if your disc spec is up anywhere? I can’t find you on Armory..I trust your info as the other sources are nice but so much conflicting data. Also your video is great, just to see how a good priest plays..and drooling over your gear as well as I have had no luck finding a good raid guild 😦

  2. hey… wow… i can’t believe my blog can still offer some informations. Real life gets 99% of my time now but I do still play. Is true… lately I xfered AGAIN… so here is my new armory link:
    One spec is what I used a few good weeks ago in PVP and one for PVE.
    Feel free to poke me if there is anything else you need an answer for, even thou I am sure are many great disc priests there that are active in the community as well.

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