11 comments on “New scam… this one almost got me!

  1. yep, I always check those email addresses or even just a link they are giving you. its a trap. and also so far authenticator is still a best option to protect your account. so if you dont have it yet, you better need to get one. =) ttyl hon.

  2. In fact, I don’t use for anything else my e-mail from battle net.
    Even so… this was scary bc I usually don’t get caught in the trick and… y, first time I saw something like this.

  3. The pages they direct you to are exact copies of Battlenet sign up. Be warned. Apparently they catch hundreds of people a day.

  4. yep, thats why i posted them… I never felt for those sort of e-mails, but this one was incredible…

  5. This is how I lost my gear like 1 week ago,sounded so real,so yeh i finded my slef naked whit no golds gear,they even delete things like pvp gear ,guess coze they were mad for being unable to sell it.ive used autentificator for my iphone and tbh it worked ok,but i quited useing it for some time and this happends.il get back on using one asap.

  6. hehe, hey there πŸ™‚
    Btw, today i wont be on line during day so I hope you can get your points for weapon:d

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  8. Blizzard won’t warn you, they will act or not act. Blizz will never ask you to verify anything…. THEY ALREADY HAVE IT!!!! i always click on the link and give bogus information

    Some like this:

    Name: Jack MeOff
    Email: JackMeOff@hotjizz.com
    PW: GoF***Yourself

    Waste a few minutes of their time, but i find it funny….

  9. yeah almost got me too, but I knew when I intentionally put in the wrong password at the login screen and it let me in.

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