6 comments on “Ladies and gentleman’s! This is Mai – my cat

  1. awwww what a cute kitty.. and the ‘snoring’ they do when they are happy is called purring. 🙂

  2. she’s lovely! egyptian mau?

    the husband & i just rescued 2 from the animal shelter, they like to “talk” (meow) at us & jump on our laps at inopportune moments…usually when we’re raiding. one is getting very adventurous. last raid we were knocking out LK hard modes and she climbed in my lap and tried to curl around my keyboard & monitor. 🙂

  3. :)) sounds so familiar
    And no, is not Egyptian. I think we call it … European and something.
    I also got her from street in fact… was a kitten of 3 weeks or so.

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