20 comments on “Closing the doors…

  1. meehhhh … :/
    wish you all the best in RL and hope u will write sometimes and something on your blog 🙂

    Good luck with your plans

  2. awww Bati, I was really wondering where you’ve been, but as everyone is saying Goodluck! and Please still do Keep in touch if you have time posting in our blogs XD. I missed you girl. Best of luck!

  3. Hey Bati :]

    So where are you guys heading to, and when etc? keep me in the loop if you can and poke me on MSN when you got time for a chat!

    Until next time, the best of luck and take care 🙂


  4. Hi Bati!

    With all you work on your UI, you gave me the desire to do mine!

    I’ve always look to you for my off spe disc too.

    I hope you RL will be as goog as you wish!

    Take care!

  5. @ BobTurkey
    ty Bob 🙂 well, keep up with your blog, i will still be passing by. I am not gone!… yet.
    @ Christine
    ty hun and I do hope i will come back… but this time I plan to play paladin. Cya in cataclism
    @ Ammeyh
    UK, as the post … i think, says… catch y on msn
    @ Charade
    Thanks, that’s really nice to know. take care as well!

  6. nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. 😦

    Bati good luck with everything!! I hope RL treats you well wherever you go. Good luck to you and I hope to hear from you soon!

  7. I’m from Romania as well and pfft, it’s hard and sucks big time. Shitty salary, shitty people, shitty country.

    Sorry for not being a patriotic guy. =)

    Romanian language now: Bati, imi dai si mie e-mail-ul? vreau sa te rog ceva. Sau trimite tu email la EDIT BY BATI!

  8. @gromgol Googletranslater ftW ^^

    Goodluck in Uk@Bati .. and when u visit Berlin the next time.. send me an E-mail x)

  9. @ Bunshun
    Sure thing!, never knows, right?

    scrie un mesaj cu e-mail normal si nu o sa-l dau public… nu cred ca am nimerit adresa ta. Sau e cea pe care are ai folosit-o la postat? cu gromgromgolxx@gmail.com?

  10. Just now catching up on my blogs I read.

    So sad to see you go 😦 But RL is more important. Best of luck to your emigration! Much love.

  11. To bad to see such a creative person go nonetheless real life is awaiting. Good luck in the future and im sure we will see some bati’s action wich cataclysm.


  12. I found your UI on plusheal.com UI showcase thread– I’ve been using it ever since because it looks so great.

    Very sad to see this blog close and I hope circumstances permit you to come back eventually!

  13. Awww, sorry to here about you leaving, but RL comes first. Best of luck to you and your family as you start up in a new location.

    And thank you for creating the absolute best UI ever! Hope to see you back soon.

  14. Its nice to see you back Bati, here’s to hoping you manage to find time to update your grid profiles!

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