5 comments on “How to heal LK 10 heroic as discipline priest?

  1. hmm.. can be wrong.. but the textbubble text from lichking looks different and u did’nt tell me the settings of stuf ^^

  2. nice advice Bati, how you heal on lich king is pretty much the same tactics as mine. Disc is not my main spec but i love being disc priest on this fight. but ill take your advice on intellect over spell power i might regem some but i need to balance it to know what is best for me.

    I made some good power auras on defile and necrotic plague on my blog i posted yesterday, you inspired me of doing it >.< and mention your name on my last paragraph ehehe, i never really thought of making one but our guild master wants something raiders need to use during lich king fight that is more visible than just DBM's warning. ehehe.

    Anyway, ill talk to you later! ❤

  3. hehe, ty
    I advise you to get DXE and there you can set to have sound on defile when is casted on you.

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