7 comments on “3.3.3 /like.not like/Wth happen with Divine Aegis?

  1. About DA, were you running with multiple Disc Priests before 3.3.3, and did you see odd DA (and other absorb) numbers then?
    WoL can only estimate absorbs, so is it possible that each of the Priests is being credited with some or all of the other Priests’ DA procs? If so, this might be genuinely a new thing, or it might just be because you have, as you report, more Disc Priests of late.

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  3. You have there the logs for each priests and yes, is not the first time we run with 3, specially for Princess. (is actually the only one where we use 3) In rest are usually 2. Maybe 1 holy if we lack druids. I will search for a log with 3 disc before patch. i hope is still up.

    Hmm, i actually had something else passing my mind:
    -if shield is first to be absorbed then it will count on logs
    -if aegis is first then the absorption from shield will be taken in consideration as divine aegis.

    I took another log where we only had 1 disc last night (Morowgar 25h)
    only 1 disc here

  4. Interesting. That does seem to make multiple absorb sources less likely as a the cause.
    I did look at a couple of my old logs, including one for Marrowgar, and DA was accounting for about 10% of the direct heals I did, which is more in line with expectations. We never run with more than one Disc though, and I’ve not raided since the patch, so I don’t have a way of testing the hypothesis.

    So that suggests that either the way absorbs are reported, or the way shields are used up, has been changed in some way.

    There’s nothing on the WoL forums yet, but I’d be interested in finding out what’s causing it as well. I’ll be looking closely at my logs when I’m next in ICC.

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