15 comments on “To all the bloggers out there…

  1. 🙂 you are nice, but that’s for blogger. Mine is on wordpress. Blogger has poor admin pannel, wardpress has poor themes… I would like to combine both or… even find a different site to move this.
    btw, your second link has some nice things in there. At least I can grab ideas for a theme 😛

  2. I didn’t look yet, but german?… you made me smile!
    Nice links. I didn’t find before like 2 of them, but I still need to figure out how to install it correct. I am such a noob!!!

  3. i’m not sure how good the are but the automatic wordpress installer works ^^ ..

    i will stay at wordpress.com with my blog but u can tell me how good they are 🙂

  4. will see what i can do this weekend. anyway… i need your knowledge… how the hell i make tidy plates to look like that (like yours ofc). I didn’t seem to have succes with it. Wtb tutorial… in English.

  5. i will add you when i get home. Atm slaking at work:P
    let’s say this weekend. is 2 weeks now and for a basic set up… is ready. It won’t have really everything I want and I think is useful but I am sure most of them are down to personal preference.

  6. So I wanted to find out about MyBlogLog which is very popular amongst bloggers.

  7. you can always go and export all your post and moved to blogger.com and all templates for blogger.com is customized as you can changed the whole css theme code and changed it anytime you want. blogger users find it more convenient than wordpress. i used wordpress before but to edit the css on there feature you have to pay >.< . blogger is free. so i stick to blogger. Im just saying goodluck!

  8. I did pay… but some how i didn’t manage to change CSS. Thing is I don’t like the admin options from blogger.

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