2 comments on “I don’t need Replenishment! – Give it to some pet

  1. Currently very few pets do use mana. hunter pets use focus and DK pets use energy. the only mana pets i can think of are lock pets, mage pets (images and frost ele), and possibly treants(not sure about this one). So it seems like warlocks are the true cause of this problem. I like your idea of changing the resource but i think that lock pets should use different ones. I’m thinking rage on the void and felguard, mana on the imp, and focus on the felhound.

    BTW how does more relpenisment suppliers increase uptime? i was under the impression that one person with it gave the same benefit as ten.

  2. i will make a graph but defo for 25 man 1 replenishment is not enough. in a raid atm and can’t really start working on it 🙂

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