26 comments on “UI… work in progress

  1. The new interface looks more like an DPS interface . Hope it will be as good for healing as Bati2 was

  2. nice interface. youuuu take care of that, me? lolx i will just edit my blogger template for now. lolx and so I did! i found this cute butterfly template for bloggers. using it right now ehehehe!

  3. It looks nice .. hope to see the complete. How about usin Tidy Plates ? I’m using it with all my Chars and its nice to have 🙂

  4. Heya Bati .. 😉

    what about SlDateText .. Someone updated it and it’s working .. The location and other Stuff is working whitout Errors .. and i like it more then STText

    Since ure Going back to Forte with the next Ui .. maybe u can test it

  5. well… I want something that I like, but wordpress is very limited and some themes have specific things that I only can see if I activate it.

  6. not really…. can put it up but it wont be complete with the cd’s.
    I update Bati’s UI, the initial version and i brought my druid to 80! so I was a bit busy. Will find a place to upload it and you can test it.

  7. looks lovely and clean as always, but I just hope you would keep the current Bati Ui up there too since it is really my favourite. 🙂

  8. Sooo i think i’m finished .. check the Blog … tryd to write in english but i’m not sooo gut like u .. hope my english will be better in the Future ^^

  9. hehe 🙂 no, I am not good at English.. I just use sometimes Auto correct.
    Anyway, yes, it looks good and if you can provide some feed back for what you changed I would like to upload it on wowinterface.
    For the link thingy is something you need to handle from settings… I honestly can’t remember now. Need to search a bit.

  10. I love this UI, and would love to see it posted on wowinterface, so i can use it on my druid.

    P.S. your English is actually not that bad, it is better than most, and if you need help with it let me know, English is a hard language.

  11. well, thanks. this UI is planned to go up tomorow… like I said already, but… bare me till sunday. It is really nice for druid, thats sure 😛

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