20 comments on “3.3.3 – Priest Tier-10 4-Piece Healing Set Bonus

  1. Yep… I hate it too.

    Frankly… I am not happy with this change. I’ll do a blog post about it when I get a spare hour or so.

    Generally speaking, the existing Bonus was awesome- no doubt. For holy my Effective heal with COH went up ~35% with the bonus. (Data from 2 weeks of Professor Putricide kills) as disc, while harder to tell… resetting Penance’s CD (especially on heroic ICC) on tank healing has been invaluable.

    A flat 5% increase, while might SEEM nice… unlike DPS, flat healing increase dont always mean “awesome”. More throughput necessarily doesn’t mean more healing done– we are not dps. The existing 4pc bonus required you to think and use the ability as you need it, while the new incarnation is likely going to (especially holy) be overheal. I’m not impressed.

  2. Interesting. Admittedly I haven’t tried the T-10 4pc bonus (yeah right, like I’d have that many badges), but I thought it would be kind of… throwing off my timing.

    I wonder why they are making this change. Were people complaining about the current bonus? Was it too powerful or not powerful enough?

  3. To powerful, for sure it wasn’t but people like to complain when some thinking is require.
    Having a 20% chance to proc a spell that also has a cd made the bonus to look not very appealing. In same time, crying priests that aren’t capable to track a proc will never make a good use of this.

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  5. I’m interested in subscribing to your blog, but I can’t find the option for it. Am I overlooking something, or si this something you’re planning on implementing?

  6. The subscription option was up from a long time. Check the second column where it’s says “Email subscription”. Write your e-mail address there, press subscribe and then log in to your account to confirm it.

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  8. Yeh i totally agree, i did have a little cry at a dics priest point of perspective due to penance already hving quite a low cd it wont overly affect its game play i reckon they should make it so it offers both specs nice bonuses for example
    they should keep the holy bonus as it is right now for circle of healing but for disc priests hv it increase shields absorb % instead of the pennance thing, which i find not overly that useful which is probably why most disc priests QQ’d about it and it being changed to flat out increase

  9. MMO-Champ says: * Priest Tier-10 4-Piece Healing Set Bonus: Redesigned. This bonus now increases the effectiveness of the caster’s Power Word: Shield by 5% and Circle of Healing by 10%.

  10. close to end now… i have tested last night in raid on priest. Will post screen shots when i get home. Unfortunately the tweaking for my raiding takes more but the general layout is ready.

    during week i am kinda limited on time so don’t expect nothing, really.

  11. thats not a bad idea. i mean… not like you need all my powar aura settings or grid… or do you? and i wanted to also work on the msbt triggers more

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