4 comments on “Maitreyi and last day on Al’Akir

  1. Hmm.. maybe its because of my link to imageshack i’m spamming my text again, this time only with a link ^^

    Hey Bati .. looks fun too change the server..

    i’m playing on EU-Gilneas and we have not the problem with wintergrasp .. but in the last 2 month u can’t join BG’s while there is no pvp 😦

    3 of 6 Top Alli Guilds changed the Server or the Side and take only the good players …

    Your new Ui looks good, aber i changed mine to 3.4 of your old one .. heres a Screenshot of it, i added forte for some procs on friendly playerd to see ^^

    ps: welcome back as BATI ^^

  2. hey 🙂 dont take 3.4…. 3.5 is up and ready.
    and thanks… I got raid now, so can’t stay for a chat but cya around. Will update the screen shot post with yours soon I can.

  3. i need another 3 or 4 weeks to change :/ and everytime i change to the newest one it takes a whole day to change and customize for every char .. i will think about 3.5 🙂

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