7 comments on “WTB Oculus random…

  1. Wow I dont like the Tank, the first sentence saying he wants the achievement done, and since its a pug hell no Im not healing him thats just me lolx, but unless its a guild run and someone still needs the achievement sure why not right?

    all i can I hate people who are only thinking of themselves. and seriously you already stated that you have raid in 30minutes, so screw them let them find another healer and let them wait for 20-30minutes well see LOLx!

  2. y, i said… get a group and do your achievements… imo i just don’t wanna lose time like that. he was really selfish!

  3. /agree he is selfish lolx

    and btw in reply to your comment on my blog i edit the post i did, just check it out if its okay lolx, Thanks.

  4. Big time loser .. I woulda vote kicked him for the threat.. I just did occ on my healer 2 days ago .. and we had the tank disconnect during first batch of trash .. for whatever reason it took a while to get another tank in .. so we just 4 manned it with no tank and did pretty well .. got past first boss onto constructs by the time a tank queued in. I really don’t know why people hate this instance.. its relatively short .. its stupid easy .. and as long as anyone can take 30 seconds to say take a yellow drake and cast time stop when he enrages, how do you not sign up for 5 triumphs 2 frosts, 30 gold a gem all for 20 minutes of your time and no deserter debuff..

  5. you right… I totally forgot at that point about vote for kick. Wouldn’t have been first time doing Oculus in 4.

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