18 comments on “Hello, my name is Maitreyi

  1. 100g for a portal ?

    ZOMG add the mage to your ignorelist .. most of the mages do it for 5g and not more.. and most of the mages don’t wanna any gold.

    Welcome to the darkside of WoW .. i can’t say the changes cause i#d never played a horde char^.

    but draenair are worth for it xD

  2. Thank you for passing by and for comment.
    I really hope things will be different and I will start again to play while enjoying staying on line.
    @ Raku
    yes, the mage is on my ignore list…

  3. How do you get in Northred from Stormwind or Ironforge…?

    From stormwind, you have to ride a boat, the middle boat to get to borean tundra.

    From Ironforge, you can go to wetlands, if you are facing the ocean the boat on the right that travels to Howling Forge.

  4. 34k Mana nice one 🙂

    and it looks good .. how is your first experience and wanna write something about playing now on Allyside ?

  5. Good luck with the faction change as a horde player who is thinking of switching to Ally let me know how the raiding is. Love the UI by the way I use it for my priest and pally.

  6. 🙂 thanks. It went ok I would say. Was a bit confusing at the start with alliance beying on oposide side all the time but I got ustue with. I played horde my entire wow life so I can’t say it was easy, plus, I still don’t know a lot of “usual” places, or some basic things, but…i am lvl-ing an alt atm so I am still learning.

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