39 comments on “Questions about Bati’s UI

  1. Hey Bati, I have a Grid question. Love the way you have Grid set up except for one option that was easy to turn on with my old grid that doesnt seem to work with your package. I used the side icons just like you do for Beacon of Light and Sacred shield but on mine the icons used to fade out in a clockwise motion to show the duration of the buff. I used to use the option Auras>Buff:Beacon of Light/Buff:Sacred Shield>Show Duration. However when I select this option in your Grid setup it will not fade the icons out. Any suggestions?

    PS If you aren’t clear what effect I’m looking for put a renew or a Power word shield as the center icon. it fades properly with that

  2. ok, can help you here but you will need to change where the beacon and sacred shield is positioned. Now i am on priest and with the que there is on Al’akir, I won’t risk loging paladin, but…
    /grid config
    search first where the beacon and sacred shield is positioned and uncheck it. (might be corner icons)
    You will need to put them on the side icons. After you did that go to Frame->Advaned-> Icon (Sides) and check: Enable Icon cooldown frame. Ofc you will need to have checkd what you already said Auras>Buff:Beacon of Light/Buff:Sacred Shield>Show Duration.
    I just test it on my power word: shield and it works.
    Hope it helps.

  3. LOL OMG! I cant belive I missed that option…Bati Dont know how I set up UI’s without you :P. Ill have a Screen shot of the UI in about a couple days, just tweaking a few things. Which brings one final question. My guild still sometimes organizes events on guild calander but in Chinchilla when I select Calander to show it dissappears each time relog. I then have to disable it, /rl then enable it /rl to get it to show. Anyway around this?

  4. make a macro with /calendar ?:)
    or… the time from sldt will blink a green light when is an event going on. Ctrl+click on time to have the calendar showed.
    I will look into that chinchila thingy.

  5. Sorry to keep sending you tells Bati but I’ve got a new problem. Earlier this week I had to run WoW repair to fix an issue that has just re-occured. The only thing different that I’m doing is chaning the look of your UI package to match my settings and moving a few things around but after havinig it installed for a few days 2 things happen. 1st I get a 2nd realm folder in my WTF folder, not sure if I should be keeping them both or deleting one. 2nd, I go from around 60 fps in an instance or world map down to 4 then to 2 then to 0. This only happens in the world map or in an instance. I’m running about 4GB of Ram, not sure if I need more.

  6. Is not my Ui… you updated Grid. Some how…Grid and grid quik healt dont love each other. Test first unable grid quiq healt . If is still low frame rate just take the grid I have in the pack. Is not updated but works perfect.

  7. Just updated your UI package Bati and have 2 questions for you. First There is a new cast bar above my head that I don’t really need I just need to know how to turn that off/move it – its a small green one similar to the default Blizzard cast bar. Second I’m having difficulty using STT compaired to SLDT. STT doesn’t seem to have a graphical menu and the commands to move the text doesn’t seem to work for me. I want to change the format of the clock back to 12 hour and be able to change the font, how would I do that? I’m trying /stt module_Clock but all the mod does is spam the module names again in my chat window. Does this mod have a GUI like SLDT?

  8. the bar is from dominos cast bar. disable before you log in.
    STT on the other side… you can’t change the font… and the format is .. what you see.
    I didn’t kept sldt even i love it bc wasn’t update it in ages, so… was a forced option. Sorry…

  9. When I wipe my WTF and copy yours in, I change the names of the folders as instructed. However when I log on in creates a 2nd Realm name folder with a 2nd set of character name folders. Should this be happening or should I delete one of the duplicate Server folders? One folder seems to have more files in it then the other. This has happened previous times but I just have dismissed it until now.

  10. can you pls mail me a print screen with the folders you are saying here? color the server name and account and such… but I want to understand what’s the problem. I haven’t got such a “complain” before so not really sure what can be. thanks

  11. The folder problem fixed itself(I work long hours so it was probably due to mispelling of my server name :P). One other thing, what mod is auto accepting quests/turning them in when i talk to the quest giver? Wouldn’t mind turning that off but i don’t see it in aSettings.

  12. The option doesn’t seem to be in aSettings. What is the mod that is turning in my quests when I speak to the quest giver and automatically picking up new ones? This feature wasn’t in your last release of your UI

  13. hi i have a Problem whit Gladius when i type /reflux switch Bati4 in not go to the place i try manually but it is still on same Place plez help 🙂

  14. i can moved it around but i try to set it to your settings but is like there is no settings for it

  15. ok, that’s a better explanation for your problem and is good to know. I will need to check it in game. I might have miss to add the profile to reflux, but if is so, I will update the pack. Atm I am at work and I can’t do much, so pls be patience till weekend.

  16. I have a question about your druid UI (Maiie’s UI):

    How do i get raid warnings to appear on screen and not in the chatbox?

  17. Hmmm, I’ll have to try and figure it out then. Everythign else seems to me working ok.

  18. Are the RW emotes like the traps in ICC also considered the same as a regular RW? Maybe thats my problem, not really sure.

  19. I love your UI, only thing im not used to is your grid settings. Is there anyway I can change it to keep my grid settings and use everything else in the UI?

  20. Is actually simple.
    I do hope you made a back up of your WTF file.
    Now, go in back up WTF/Account/Your account name and and search for the grid.lua files from saved variables and copy them in exactly same place where you have the game.
    Then, go again in back up WTF/Account/Your account name/Server name/Character Name and search for the grid.lua files from saved variables copy them in exactly same place where you have the game.

    Also you need to check to have the exact same grid addons like before so your settings aren’t screwed. (if you are romanian… your name shows that, you can write in romanian next time:P)

  21. Hello Bati, i love the UI !
    But how do i change the Player / target health and powerbar from vertical to horizontional ?

  22. Hey Bati:
    Since last server update or whatever, the big yellow numbers from your damage or heals are gone. i tried to figure it out from milksscrollingcombat addon but it’s not really working. Were the big yellow numbers from MSC? or was it from another addon? thanks for that.

  23. How can I move or remove the white text part in the middle showing the Menu buttons in text and other stuff like memory usage, repair status/durability etc… I don t like having it in the middle but cant find out what addon it is…

  24. Hi Bati, thanks for this UI pack, I’m really loving it!

    I do have some questions though that I hope you can answer:

    What is the addon that shows information of whoever your mouse is on (name, guild, etc)? I want to change the font in that mouseover box but I have no idea where to change that.

    Also, how do I increase the size of the font in wow in general like for the wow menus? The font size is a little small for me and it’s hard to see but I don’t know how to increase the size?


  25. the mod is tiptac. Type /tip in game and the menu will apear.
    For the general size is about the Ui scale, but if you change that everything wont be in place.

  26. Hi i have problems that i cant left click on people in grid to target em . And i cant right click on myself or anyone that is targeted . This makes me stuck with a group and i cant inspect other players

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