2 comments on “Happy New Year! and… some random things

  1. Hey girl was wondering where you are? anyway, Happy New Year! and damn you left your guild? transfer to our guild! ehehehe! I will be glad to have you and I will definetly recommend you.

    Anyway about your Interface looks neat, I might try it out and I like the grid that is fixed in the middle now, especially for healers, but question though if we dont update the grid don’t we get any errors? the interface you had last time, I copy the WTF of the grid and update it, it was okay. my monitor is not widescreen but I twink a little bit on my own. I will post my interface on my blog, if I have time soon. but anyway, glad to see you back! take care! ❤

  2. Hey hey…well, here in Romania we have a word: when a door will get closed, another one will get open in some other place… or something like that 🙂 I am sure I will find a place.
    About Grid… I don’t have any errors… but soon I update grid my frame rates start to go crazy. Is a bit weird.

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