15 comments on “I was borred at work…

  1. heya Bati, thanks for mentioning about my healing gear list quiet a lot, though If they also having trouble finding the loot list there is an addon that they might want to download its called ATLASLOOT ENHANCED its already updated and thats the addon for loot table im using in game. hope it helps!


  2. I’ll try. I hope I will figure out how because I have not use it before.
    Thank you. How was your Christmas? I hope good 🙂

  3. It was good. Google reader is super easy. If you get stuck, toss me an email. BTW- I emailed you with a question about identifying an addon. Did you get it?

  4. hmm, from alex…? did you say you are Derevka? Bc i do have an e-mail but i had same question from someone else and I thought is him. Add me to msn. same id

  5. Nope… hmm, maybe I didn’t click the send button. I think I identified it. I’ll try it again tonight. I can’t use MSN at work– it is blocked.

  6. What mod are you using to track debuffs/buffs on your TARGET. In your 3rd screenshot, you see the 3 stack of Impale to the right of your target.

  7. that’s Satrina Buff frame. I am writing now a post for this blog where to explain all that satrina can do. This mod is so powerful… I am impress!

  8. I have a frame set for only raid debuffs. It is a bit of work, but after is done is really nice. Same debuffs are again on a frame for me, so I don’t need to use any power aura codes and I know immediately if I have one. There is ofc a normal debuff bar 🙂
    And, also I use satrina for my dots on target and… for my procs, on a separate window that is not “clickable”. I think I love this more then power aura. Actually, after I discover how to do all this, I kinda drop it. Only using it atm for very few things.

  9. yes, I just checked and is there. I will update screen shot from players. Now… off to the kitchen! Still have a few things to sort out for tonight.
    Happy New Year!

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