8 comments on “Deathbringer Saurfang – does absorption reduce BP?pplys

  1. We downed Saurfang25 last night.
    We had 2 resto druids, a disc priest (me), three holy paladins, and a resto shaman at first, but were running into problems with people just dying from marks after 30%.

    On the last attempt, we switched out a holy paladin for a holy priest with a disc offspec. He went disc, and then he and I would cover different groups for the boils, and I would take the first mark the entire fight, while he watched the second.

    Needless to say, we downed him first time after that.

    I don’t have the logs yet (They are not up), but according to recount, we both absorbed between 800k and 1m from PW:S + DA. Proof that disc priests are OP for that fight.

  2. Almost forgot, we had less runic power generated when we shielded everyone. I’ll post the logs when they get up, but absorbing seems to prevent him from getting more runic power.

  3. I’ve been the only disc priest both in 25 and 10man for my guild.
    This week on 10man he didn’t even get a single mark, it was me and a resto shammy. I made sure that everyone with that debuff had a bubble on, and then I casted some heals on them to proc Divine Aegis.

    In 25 man it was me (disc, a holy priest, couple resto shamans and a resto druid. Both times we’ve done this fight he only got 4 marks, I did the same thing I do on 10man, bubbles on the ones that get boiling Blood and a couple flash heals to proc divine aegis. I’m pretty sure absorption did reduce the number of blood runes he gained. We got “I’ve gone and made a mess” every single time.

  4. yes, but… even with all the math I am still not sure if a partial absorption of the damage will count as zero BP, or… the amount left from one, will sum with the one left from a other tick and then generate a BP. This will explain some that are saying a beats swing will give only 1 BP and not 3… probably will find out soon 🙂
    About maxim marks… in 10 man was 0, with only 58 BP gained and 3 marks in 25 man. Was pretty good.
    The questions are not for the current content, but more like how this actually work, because then we will know how to handle heroic version.

  5. i found that shielding the boiling blood debuff lowers the BP generated dramatically, as you said shield and try to trigger a DA on the targets works like a charm.

    in the beginning we had some problems with BP generated from the adds in 25 version but now we got that under control as well and last run we only got 2 marks (we let both die btw).

    10 man with no marks shows that a well played disc priest is the single best raid support you can get for DoT debuffs in general, saurfang just gives you a very easy way to show it to all the heathens 🙂

  6. slacky healers!!! how to let marks to die? meh
    anyway, best for me was 1 mark in 25 and 42 BP… and, we didn’t let no one to die.
    Conclusion: yes, a well played disc priest is win.

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