5 comments on “Blitz Blitz AV

  1. great job on the ui, i downloaded it myself, and made a few chnges for it to be perfect for me. only had one problem with it. what is the name of the addon that keeps track of the spell cd’s? it similar to coolline addon.only because i could not move it to the center of my screen.
    i appreciate it if you could help me. once again great job on the ui, i really like it!

  2. Ok this will be a silly question but bare with me, I never used a already made UI before.

    I followed your guid and installed your UI and it looks great! How ever, I use a lot more spells than fits into that row (with penance, sheild etc) for example when I’m in arena, I might do some dots and also buffs for raid, ressing, professions. Are these anywhere hidden?

    Ty for a great UI 🙂

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