7 comments on “Help! spam comments?

  1. The wordpress spam filter is usually pretty good, most likely the comments that got deleted were indeed spam. I think it goes by links in the comment and use of certain words.

  2. Ty…and y, i love the snow flakes! are cute
    About the spam thing… I guess i need to ask people to not post any sort of link…

  3. Nah, I wouldn’t worry about it. If there’s just one or two links, it’ll just hold the comment for moderation.

    Akismet (the default wordpress filter) is generally pretty good. You can find more about how it works on its website. (akismet.com)

  4. I only had 2 comments with 2 links and it were idd kept for moderation, so I guess the rest are truly a spam… Anyway, tanks for steeping by. I did love your guest post on Matticus btw. I play a paladin as well and everything from there is true 100%.
    Last night we got insanity in 10 man with only alts and a pretty bad composition but it ended good, so I am happy:P

  5. Oooo grats! With alts! That’s impressive! My guild actually got Insanity 10 for the first time last night (with mains). I wasn’t in the group, but I was very excited for them.

    Thank you for the compliment on the guest post! Now if only I could take my own advice and down Anub again!

  6. Well, gratz there and I am sure you will get it. As a fast tip (except your owns:P)… make use of aura mastery in a mad way.

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