14 comments on “How to set GRID – holy priest needs

  1. 🙂 hey Matticus and thank you. I did try to cover a lot of aspects and is actually what is needed, at least from my point of view.

  2. Hai Bati,

    thx for that great guide. 🙂
    Also using your UI which is just lovely. I only got one problem: I can’t get those mana bars in grid to work. Rage, Energy all show up but not mana. I used Grid Mana Bars in my own UI and it worked just fine and as I am playing a resto shaman knowing when my fellow party members need my mana tide is quite some thing. Maybe you got an idea. 🙂
    Thx again for the great UI and I hope it will stay update.^^

  3. Hey Alannah,
    Since I am at work now I can’t really give an answer but when I get home I will install Grid Mana Bars and see if is working or not, and, if it doesn’t I will check what it can be done. Ty for pointing this.

  4. @Alannah

    I just got Grid Mana Bars and it works for me. I really don’t know what can cause your problem. I only download it and enable. Nothing else. I also read this:

    Note: GridManaBars has to hack itself somewhat into Grid in a way not supported by Grid. Most times this works well but it can cause trouble (especially after an update of Grid). So if you encounter any Problems with Grid and you have this addon installed try disabling GridManaBars before you create a ticket for Grid itself. If the problem disappears when you disable GridManaBars you can create a ticket for this addon instead for Grid itself. The authors of Grid have enough tickets to handle they don’t need to handle tickets caused by this addon too. (from wowace.com)
    I am really sorry I can’t help you more than this. Honestly, I didn’t do anything else.
    The Grid I started with was the one Poptise had at some point and it had included mana bars, but i just don’t really need them, so i have drop it. But that was like 3-4 months ago.

  5. Hey Bati,
    well thanks for trying anyway. 🙂
    Tried pretty much everything so far and thought maybe your Grid got some setup that doesn’t allow me to use mana bars properly – thats why I asked here. But I will just keep on trying or mabye even switch to the version Poptise is using.
    Have a nice time and thx again,

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  7. Just downloaded addon. Can someone help me and tell me how to get rid of the letter on top of my head? says “bags:61/104” and I think the location and coordinates under that.

  8. Hi, thanks for writing this guide. I was used to xperl and the way it monitors health. Now I have reconfigured Grid so that it’s display matches my old style.

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