6 comments on “So… Grand Crusader! Eh

  1. Hahaha: “I’m not a dude”. I love it. But, nice work! My guild was 1 week too slow on our kill for Server First. Good luck to you! I just came across your Blog (and subsequently your UI) today. Welcome to the blogging world! I might be giving your UI a spin after some modifications… I grow tired of mine and like to have a change of pace to keep me aware of my surroundings every so often.

    Derevka of http://www.talesofapriest.com

  2. Ty Derevka. I was a long time reader of your blog till I think I so once that you will not be to active so I kinda stop it. I will add you to my blog roll now. I just so your coming back video so… welcome back ๐Ÿ™‚

    Atm my Ui has a few mods outdated, but is ok if you do that on your won. I will update it after the patch since will be a work that will need adjusted soon the patch will hit live servers. Feel free to come here if something doesn’t work. Would really like to know some other priest opinion. I didn’t had bad feed backs, but since you raid at the same lvl will be a nice pov to see.


  3. we are still working on it in our guild. hope we get the first server kill but oh well. “thingking positive” fingers cross! anyway grats bati!

  4. ๐Ÿ™‚ ty and good luck! I had the best feeling this expansion when i got it. I think mostly was because I had 2 people with penetrating cold so it was very intense for me.

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