7 comments on “PTR, Bati’s UI and 3.3

  1. On the PTR for some reason Buttonfacade is breaking both Bartender and Dominos. To get your old bars back, just disable Buttonfacade. 🙂

  2. Dear Bati,

    Thank’s a lot for your UI! I have juste a question, how do you modify the blizzard text and skin?

    The fact is, with my screen, the fonts used for all the Blizzard menu (and for my character sheet) is too small (Very very small).

    I ‘d like to be able to modify the Font size, but if it’s impossible, to come back to the blizzard skin for menu.

    An additionnal question, this modification of font impact on the FPS?

    Tank’s in advance and sorry for my bad english

  3. Hey there…

    I did changed the fonts from the FONTS folder: C:/wow/Fonts (or any other part of your disc where you have installed wow). They should not affect the fps. And… if you see them 2 small… i suspect you run on a laptop? because then my UI scale, plus resolution won’t match your screen, so from here is the difference. All you can do is to change the Ui scale (mine is the lowest if i remember correct) and then you should see it, but… that means most of the things will get messed up.

  4. Yes I’m playing on a laptop.

    I’ve try to reduce the scale but that just don’t change anything (just messing all the other setups).

    I’ve also try to rename my FONT folder in order to seed what will change but it’s seems it change nothing.

    The problem is that in addition to the blizzard menu fonts, event the Msbt fonts are very small (even at the maximum size).

    So it must come from the screen wide:'(

    I’ll try tonight to change a few things more but thank you for your answer

  5. Hi bati!

    I think I found a solution –> scale of the interface it mess up all my (your’s indeed) ui but it works 🙂

    If i can add a question, could you tell me what kind of modifications you gave to the fortexorcist cooldown bar and to the fonts using between your V3.3 and V3.4 UI as I’d rather prefer made all the modification instead of reload and entire ui and all restart xD

    Merry Christmas in advance

  6. Fortexorcist has been removed. Cool down bar is not from sexy cooldown and the debuffs on target from satrina buff frame. I would suggest, if you don’t want to redo all again just to take the lua files and replace them.
    wow/wtf/saved variables – take from here lua files from satrina buff frame and sexy cooldown.

    Merry Christmas to you as well.

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