13 comments on “Bati’s UI…Screenshots from players?

  1. [img]http://photos-f.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc3/hs107.snc3/15463_177143409210_700549210_3087425_6264720_n.jpg[/img]


  2. the only issue I found for that UI was the bars being spit up especially when I had to go DPS it was a pain so since then I have had to change it 😛 but you know me I will defiantly be changing it soon enough 🙂

  3. No, here are just a few things that ppl did to adjust it to the needs they had. They are not up for download. After 3.3 I will need to update and revamp a bit the UI so I might as well add another reflux profile, a bit different than what it is now, for those that wants more buttons.

  4. All your skin with a little less memory usage (some Mod changes as bartender).

    Thank you very much!!


  5. Bati,

    Love the UI thanks for your time and effort. I am getting a bunch of info such as ping, fps, gold amount, guild players on around my character, how can this be disabled? Any help would be appreciated!

  6. that’s SLDT. before you log in disable sl data text. This weekend i will update it and will get replaced. And, thank you for the nice comment.

  7. yeah i had to redo the UI again Bati because i went feral and the spells at the bottom didnt do so well BUT I am no longer playing Therelin at this time /cry so any new UI’s are gonna be with my shammy now.

  8. wow, I like the color. I need to find the time to update it but a normal update should still work. Maybe adding some things and improve it a bit will be added on my list. I will add your screen shots to the post.

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