16 comments on “Bati’s UI… v3.1 – November 2009

  1. nice ui bati! ill be following here. drop by my blog sometimes too. and I will be trying this ui out! looks awesome!

  2. Degausser ui is what i am using currently, some of your features are similar and does seems same set up except the grid. youll hear from me soon if i have tried this, if i have errors or anything like that ill let you know. later hon and thanks!

  3. I did start my Ui with Degausser ideas about unit frames because i really like it with the portrait under the health frame, but that’s the only think it has in common. I have redone the frames from scratch.
    Anyway, try it and i wait you here if something doesn’t work, even it should. I have received very little complains and most of them were because ppl didn’t fallow the instructions for installing.
    Checking now your Blog 😛

  4. heya bati i download and tried this ui on my priest everything looks great except that purple bar on top which i really dont know how to get rid of it. and also the Healbot on curse profiler do i have to update it? please let me know a.s.a.p thanks!

  5. The purple bar? can i have a screen shot? but don’t post it here bc will go to spam and i wont be able to see it. my e-mail is tokani11@hotmail.com.
    About healbot don’t… i used long ago and even i removed wtf folder i don’t know why is keep coming up.

  6. Is aSettings. It will only accept the ones from guild and/or friend list. If you want to disable it go to interface/addons/aSettings and open the lua file. Delete the line with local AcceptInvites = true.

  7. same place 😛
    The line “local NoErrors = true ” is what you need to delete if you want to have the errors on.
    Give, give first impressions !

  8. I just deleted aSettings, I think I wanna start from scratch on that front.

    Regarding everything else… I never used ST UF.. i like it. It actually is EXACTLY what I was looking for. I like having the 3d image. but couldnt find a way in Pitbull to offset it like this so I could wrap the player/target ‘around’ my grid. I like having grid right at the bottom center of my screen, but with 3d images it wound up taking up too much ‘real estate’. I’ve moved a good deal of stuff around, and removed a number of mods that I thought were a little too ‘heavy’ for my liking and moved/resized some KGpanels… but I really like it. your UI is quite impressive, and works great ‘out of the box’ and was a perfect starting place for me to redo mine. 🙂 Kudos to you!

  9. Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

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