17 comments on “Samples UI – 2

  1. hi there I really love the way you do your UI
    however I am struggling as to how to make it exactly the way you did.
    take for example how you layout the ui of the lower half of your 2nd pic where you are hitting the last boss of TOC
    can you teach me how?


  2. i want exactly your domino frame shown on the 1st pic as above, however after I load your file the FPS, mail, gold, latency all appear at the center of the screen nicely split between left and right. how do I achieve what you have done?

  3. that’s sldt
    Have you used the command to load the profiles? It should work. If not, type: /sldt
    the option panel will appear. Go on profiles and select Bati3.

  4. thank you for your help, i am going it very similar to you, with some slight variation to suit my failing eyes and convinence.
    I will post it soon
    btw, could you tell me how to move the bar that does countdown of your CD?

  5. /fx
    Will pop up the menu. Go to Cooldown timer and click on the small lock you will see on the top left. Now you can move it.

  6. [img]http://photos-h.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc3/hs107.snc3/15463_177143419210_700549210_3087426_7550522_n.jpg[/img]


  7. Hello Bati,

    Your UI is the best I have ever seen. Very well done on designing it. I am having one problem with the set up. I cannot get the black lines that cross the top of your screen and the bottom behind your hotkey bar as well as the boxes that fade from black to transparent that are behind your chat box and recount. How do I enable that artwork?

  8. Skipped one step. Missed the /reflux switch Bati3 command and that fixed it ^.^ My resolution unfortunately is the 1920×1060 so everything is a little stretched when I use 1680×1050. Is there anyway around that? I noticed your post listing that you wont be retooling it for any other sizes. I could try and re-size myself if you could let me know which files handle the borders. I’m not the best coder but I could give it a shot. If not all is well and I will still be thanking you for the best UI I’ve ever seen ❤ =)

  9. Hello are there any plans for a new UI ??
    I really love your Bati ui.
    But some addons are outdated and if i load out of date addons the game will crash

  10. that’s strange bc i just updated simple the addons and nothing crashed but yes, there are plans. Will be up this weekend.

  11. Yay cheers 🙂
    you are the reason i keep playing priest , And really like your blogg . keep checking it everyday for uppdates

  12. well, thanks 🙂 you are the second person that says this and is overwhelming. That means I need to rise to the expectations:P

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